During the month of December, there has been a game sell out along with the Wiis. Eight titles were sold with the Wii mass and what a great day it was for Nintendo. Well I miss said it, I mean it is a great month for Nintendo.

It is also a great month for us too because we got eight games with it and getting jiggy with it. lol I'm just kidding. Yah but thats pretty amazing because thats a large game to Wii ratio. It's pretty cool to think about.


Thats right baby, the Piranha Plant crochet and fits right in on your desk or traveling. This cute designed crocheted piece of art is a unique little guy made from scratch. Its about 14 inches tall and you can't go wrong with this for a birthday present or just a gift in general.

How much do you say?... It's about $80 Dollars and super stellar. I mean its a bit pricey but atleast its cheaper than the Mario Crochet doll at over a hundred dollars. Now you are probably wondering where to buy this suckers. You can buy them at Etsy. Just Google them and you'll find it.


Circut City is offering $10 gift cards with your pre order of the Super Smash Bro's Brawl game for your Wii in stock. Pretty sweet huh?... we like little extras. Also if you don't already have a Wii in stock then you will be excited to hear that Circuit City will have your Wii in stock pretty soon because they are coming out with 5 per store.

You can pre order this game online for your Wii in stock with free shipping so thats not a bad deal. This way you don't have to haul yourself to the store, everything is just a click away for our Wii in stock. The brawl game is also a great present for a family member or friend who has a Wii in stock. Just something to keep in mind, because then you will get $10 towards anything. Happy Buying!


In case you haven't heard the great news yet, with all that Super Smash Bro's Brawl negativity at Walmart. Walmart has given everyone who had ordered the Brawl game on pre-order for $20 a little while back will get $10 electronic gift card back to order anything from Walmart.

This is fantastic news, and hey its free 10 bucks. I didn't think I'd get anything from my cancellation with Walmart only anger with them because they made such a typo. Well all is forgiven Walmart, and even though I still have a little bit of hurt feelings for not being able to order the Brawl for $20 Bucks. Thanks again.


Thats right... theres some serious gaming going on down under. Some boys are trying to beat all the Zelda games in 48 hours. I think its to beat a record, but who really knows. Thats a lot of gaming going on. They even have a website where you can look up what they are doing and get some more in site.

Enough with the small talk, you're probably wondering who this boys are. Their names are Cameron Banga and his buddies. Thats right who knows what they do all they but beat games. Some of you may commend them of star worthy for this game and some of you may think they just need to get a life. Whatever it may be it can't be good for your eyes.


I'm sure all of you may have heard that there was some defects in the old Guitar Hero for the Wii with the sound quality. I'm not a 100 percent sure what exactly the defect was but now you can Pre-Register online for the replacement game. I think its a just a form that you submit online. You should Google it.

Unfortunetly the new disks aren't ready yet so you still have to play your old guitar Hero for a little while ( by the way this is only for people who already own the past version of Guitar hero). Activision has released a early 08 date so its still up in the air when the actual release date may be.


Lately there has been some controversy that the latest Guitar Hero III has some sound difficulties associating with the Wii. This even went so far that there is a law suit against these guy called Activision ( the makers). Well I'm not sure about the details of this lawsuit, but it's probably not good ( obviously).

Anyways, for everyone who already has a copy of Guitar Hero III can get the new remake of the game for free when it comes out. Well you can swap the games. The new and improved one is even going to include a little something extra to sure thrill all the fans. The date of the remake is yet to be released but we all hope it's somewhere soon.


Most likely you haven't but this week they put in six new games including some raceing and basketball games. Then you wonder how a company whos never been heard of before just comes out and releases six new games.

Well the company CEO talked to MTV and in short the company found these games. While in Europe, he came across this company called Data Design Interactive and they have been wanting to work with someone in the states. Then the plans were made, deals were released then there ya go six new games in one week. Not a bad idea, maybe I should go to Europe and get some games? you think?


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