The video game company based in Kyoto, Japan, said this week that it is set to implement a new online service aimed at offering Wii users access to doctors and other healthcare experts, Kyodo News said Wednesday. Nintendo said the new health service is being offered in conjunction with NEC Corp. Panasonic Medical Solutions Company and Hitachi Limited.
Nintendo said Tuesday it has developed a new application that will allow users of the Wii Fit to send the personal health data gathered by the exercise video game to the company's health group. The assembled group of healthcare experts will then e-mail Wii users regarding applicable health recommendations, the Kyodo said. The news agency reported that the three companies working with Nintendo plan to sell their applicable systems to similar advisory organizations or corporate health insurance groups.






Sony on Thursday reported a 95 percent decline in profit for the fourth quarter of 2008. The electronics maker didn't get the sales boost it hoped for during the holiday shopping season as consumers turned to competing products. The Japanese company said sales decreased 24.6 percent year over year as its electronics division sales plunged 29.3 percent in the wake of yen appreciation, the economic downturn, and intensified price competition.

"From the second half of September last year, there has been a sudden deterioration in the economy, and with the effects of foreign exchange it has had severe consequences on our business," Sony Chief Financial Officer Nobuyuki Oneda said in an Associated Press report. Sony's game segment performed even worse. Sales decreased 32.2 percent compared to the fourth quarter of 2007.


Considering last week’s news that the North American video games market grew 19 per cent to hit $21.33bn last year, NPD figures have also shown that the Canadian industry in isolation also enjoyed significant growth, CBC reports.

Sales of consoles, games and accessories in the region totaled $2.09bn in 2008, 23 per cent up on the year before, with Nintendo’s Wii once again proving the dominant force by claiming 44.1 per cent of total home console sales. Xbox 360 accounted for 25.5 per cent and PS3 21.7 per cent. In the portable market Nintendo was once again dominant, with DS grabbing a 75.5 per cent slice of the sector.


Stimulated by the success of Nintendo Wii, a Hong Kong-based toy company has launched a similar gaming practice in the UK for children as young as three-years-old the Smile Motion console. Vtechs Smile Motion console is a games engine that has motion sensitive gear sticks, which uses similar technology to the Nintendo Wii.
Available for 60 pounds, the device targets children between the age-group of 3-7 years. On Smile Motion, children can play games including Thomas the Tank engine, Dora the Explorer etc, all they need to do is move the gear stick in their hand and the characters on the screen move too.


More than 3 million Wiis machines were sold last year in a record for their manufacturer. The figures take the total number of Wiis to 5m meaning there is a Wii in a quarter of all homes in Britain. Sales of its hand-held DS console have also increased strongly, with the company selling a further 3m last year, taking the total to 13m.
 The astonishing success of video gaming in recent years – while the rest of the electronics industry has been hit by the global recession – has been driven by Nintendo As recently as five years ago, video games were mostly the preserve of young men, with many of the games centring on big guns and violent characters.


As a new year begins and resolutions are made, Blood Assurance is offering visitors one more way to stay healthy this year through the  ii Give promotion. Currently, visitors at any Blood Assurance location or blood drive can register to win one of 12 Nintendo Wii Fit Bundles.
Visitors can register until Jan. 24 and the winners will be randomly drawn on Jan. 26.  he new year is a great time to make a resolution to become a blood donor, said Linda Hisey, vice-president of marketing and public relations for Blood Assurance, who added that January is also National Blood Donor Month. The blood bank will also be having a blood drive Jan. 27 at Shorter College from noon to 5 p.m.  or people who are looking for a healthy way to contribute to the community, giving blood is a great way to do so, said Hisey.


As the bodies growing rapidly and hormonal changes takes place everyone is doing exercise to control themselves. They want Wii in stock to maintain their physique.When other sectors were hitting the bleak holiday season, the video game industry is doing good. According to the survey done by NPD in January 2nd week, 9 percent was the hike in sales chart. The lack of Wii in stock is the biggest problem to meet the demands in the market.

The growth slowed from 44 percent in 2007 but many were expected in 2008, it was fulfilled in 2008. The recession is leaving an impact but that was not dramatic.People are still demand Wii in stock for shopping.Nintendo is like hot cake for them. The stock is less and the demand is high. Sony has sold only 6.9 million, Play station3 consoles over its life time in the U.S.Nintendo is selling more than 17 million Wii Players.It’s unquestionable.The question is still in the mind Wii in stock or not?

As the store I worked at we did 10% of sale for today.Some people got some crazy deals and many of the Wii Fit are available.The people are getting disappointment after not seeing Wii in stock for use.The 52 week low is currently packed from $32.The shares are also down but people are coming towards the stores.It is really not good to fulfill the demand of consumers by the company. However, they are good products but still not able to provide sufficient Wii in stock for people.


EA had planned to expand its franchise MySims and continued to invest more money on its future projects on the Wii and the DS in the beginning of year 2008. In February 2008, MySims Party was discussed having 50-odd waggle-heavy minigames which could be played by four players. MySims Party is another minigame collection which would release in March.

EA also has plans for including a racing game, MySims Racing. It is yet another kart game with excellent kart racing option. This option is open to all existing Wii owners and the design of the car is amazing. It could be viewed in the trailer of the game. MySims Racing is also a budget title but the option of online playing is missing.


SanDisk has recently come up with a 2 GB Rock Band 2 secure digital card which will reportedly hold up to 75 downloadable songs, or 2 GB of anything. It’s also got the Rock Band logo on it which is white in color. This card is the storage solution that Wii gamers have been looking for which would allow them to take advantage of Rock Band 2’s memory intensive features.

The SanDisk 2GB Rock Band 2 SD card can also be used for various applications other than storing songs like copying VC and WiiWare games, and saving photos and stuff.


We still remember the news where Reggie Fils-Aime assured sufficient Wii in stock during Christmas. All stores had Wii in stock and most of them even sold out in discounts. Video game industry was at boom when the whole world was facing financial disorder. Most stores accepted that many customers were in looking for the Wii and Wii Fit. It was mandatory for all stores to keep Wii in stock. However some missed out.

 In US, Circuit City has announced a huge discount where Xbox360, PS3 and Nintendo Wii are sold for just $9.99. Moreover most games are exclusively new and none of the old stocks are taken out in this sale. On discussing with the store person he said that the sale has started because they understand that people are still in a rush to get their video games. Hence those who could not get their hands on it during Christmas holidays can come in now and get it at a cheaper price. This time since shopping season is over so they have assured that they have sufficient Wii n stock. Even stores like Toys R Us are coming out with same offers.

Sales report indicates that video game industry this time has gained profit compared to 2007. There was an increase in sale for 23 percent. ERA agrees that this time people are looking for family oriented games that bind families together. Stores which did not have Wii in stock did not make many sales. Hence most stores tried hard to keep Wii on their shelves as long as they can.


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