If you haven't realized it yet, these musical video games are taking the industry by storm.  I love them myself being a music lover and all.  I think from what I've seen Samba de Janeiro could be a little
better though.

I do not think maracas are the way to go in a samba band.  Although they are close to the percussive sound of a pandeiro, it is not cutting it for me.  I guess it is not likely that we will see Pandeiro Hero
anytime soon though.


There is a clip on YouTube of a group singing the Super Mario theme a capella and choreographing a few snippets from the gameplay.  This shows the love people have for this game, and I am one of those

This performs brings me right back to my basement circa 1991.  I know A LOT of people will hear two measures of this little tune and join right in on
performing it with you almost subconsciously.  It is almost scary.


This is for all the MySims fans out there well if you have enjoyed this game then you will be pleasantly surprised that they are putting more money into future projects for the DS and the Wii. Pretty Groovy Huh?

Later this year MySims Kingdom will come out and I can't wait to get my hands on this one because it is a pretty cool little game. If you'd like to comment about either if you like this game or not then you are welcome too.


If your looking for a great NES pillow case then you should check out these handcrafted video game controller pillow case. These pillows will go great with your video game consoles and so much more.

Lets get down to the gritty, they are not cheap, they will cost you about $40 per pillow case. Yes thats right $40 but hey they are handcrafted ( I say handcraft one your self, its not hard) If you buy 2 you only have to pay $70.


If you own one of those cool work out with the Wii things called Wii Fit, then you might understand how that board really does some damage to your feet. Well your feet can hurt after a little while of standing on this board of rock.

This Japanese company made a clip mat almost thing that will massage your feet while you are exercising with the Wii Fit. It is super cool and you should get one because if not then your feet will be hard as a rock. Get this baby for $23.


Listen up all you people one two three, if you want to get a really great deal on the Brawl, well not that great of a deal but now Sam’s club is accepting pre-orders for the ever so popular Brawl game!.. Well it will be the ever so popular game coming out.

Now you ask , what is the price well if you have a member card, you can pre-order the Brawl game for $44 bucks and than use that 5 bucks you save on some big bulks of whatever you may need around the house! Go to Sams!


This is a tight device that will get your pump rate up, well not really because you have to do the work yourself but it is pretty cool because the machine aids with weight loss by counting calories. Some people would differ and not thing this is worth it, but I think its pretty cool

So the expected release date I believe will be around late February/May but it will be coming for about $200. I am not 100 percent sure about the pricing or date yet but it is somewhere around there. So now you can do all these major cool stuff when you get your Wii Fit, if you get one of course.


That’s right the Super Smash Bros Brawl game is getting out of serious control, we are talking about the Japanese are selling their copy of Super Smash Bros Brawl on eBay currently at sky high prices.

Yup, you heard right, sky high price, I’m not talking $100 ( even that would be going over board) I’m talking $265. Think about it, that’s more than the freaken Wii for just one game. I don’t know about you people, but hey I guess if you got the means then go for it. My advice…Patients people.


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