You were one of the first (or last) in line to actually get their hands on a copy of Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock for the Wii.  Being the sharing kind of person that you are, you have the friends over to share in the fun.  There's just one problem - the game didn't work properly.

Wii owners experiencing technical difficulties with Guitar Hero III have been mailing their copies of the title to Activision and receiving quite the bonus in return.  Not only are they getting back a working edition of the title, they're also receiving a special GH III guitar faceplate, free of charge.  Score one for the good guys.


Guitar Hero III has been selling like hotcakes, giving all of us a chance to play like our favorite rock stars.  While some of us have been waiting for the game that lets us live the dream, others have been experiencing a nightmare.  That is, until now.

Some of the Wii copies of GH III have had serious problems and were sent back to publisher Activision in exchange for new copies.  Activision's response?  They (and partner Red Octane) have included a faceplate for the GH III guitar along with the replacement copies of the game.


You say you want a revolution? It may be coming sooner than you think. After years of staying analog in a digital world, the Beatles may be coming to Guitar Hero, according to the L.A. Times (,1,3551914.story).

Marty Bandier, CEO of Sony/ATV (owner of the bulk of the Beatles' catalog) has expressed serious interest in including tracks from the Fab Four in an edition of Guitar Hero. While GH developer Activision has been quiet on the matter, we can only imagine how giddy they are right now. Roll over, Beethoven - the Beatles could be going digital.


The wait for the Wii may have just gotten shorter for fans in South Korea. If the word on the street holds up, kids across the country will be celebrating Children's Day (May 5) with flailing Nintendo nunchuks. Kids, remember to use the wrist straps!

Although Nintendo Korea hasn't made any public acknowledgement, this seems to be much more than rumor. The South Korean press has reprted that a couple of major Wii developers have submitted games for registration with Korea's game ratings authority. Hang on, children of Korea. Just a coupleW more months. Hopefully.


Wondering where to buy Super Smash Bros Brawl? Then look no further because I've seen it all. It turns out the best place to buy Super Smash Bros Brawl is through Gamestop, but that's only if you're willing to trade in your games. Otherwise, look at Best Buy as they are offering a 10 dollars gift card if you buy Brawl plus another game.

Better yet, buy it from Circuit City where you'll get a 10 dollar gift card without having to buy a new game, but that's only for pre-orders. So based on whether you pre-order, trade in a game, or want to buy another game, buy it either from those three stores. It's interesting that each place is trying a different strategy in getitng people in on buying Super Smash Bros Brawl.


For those sitting in the good old United States or Europe, you may not realize that a huge war is being waged in Japan in the video games sector. This is because video games are usually tried out in Japan first before anywhere in the world because that is the hungriest market. Maybe Japanese people are just crazy enough to spend thousands of dollars on video games?

The turns out that Nintendo is still doing extremely well, but it doesn't have the top position. The Sony PSP takes the top position beating the Nintendo Wii by only 9K sales (73K vs 64K). In terms of games, Gundam Musou Special takes the top position at 149K sales, but consider it is for the PS2! It seems like the PS2 is still alive and well in Japan. Super Smash Bros Brawl came in second, but consider that it's been out for awhile in Japan.


If you haven't gotten your replacement of the Guitar Hero III disks then do so now because they are ready and after you fill in that claim they will send the disks one to two weeks later. So you don't have to wait a great ways away.

The maker is also offering refunds on the disks which will be in cash which is nice, if you just don't like the game. That is pretty cool because some of you may be tired of it, lol and just want money. But than again, Who can be tired of Guitar Hero.


Have you ever wanted to Pimp out your own ride like that hit MTV show. Well the bummer is that, you can't really pimp out your own ride unless you want to spend the cash, but this is a full proof way to do something awesome.

This is a Japanese Wii game called Zenkoku Dekotora Matsuri. The concept is priceless and the game is limitless to designs that you are able to use. It's pretty cool, you should check this game out.


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