Charge up friends! We have got the new list of games which are going to be launched by Nintendo in Japan. This time though the list doesn’t feature some big games but still you will find many more interesting games which are quite popular.

The games which will be released in May are MSX games, Eggy, Aleste, ront Mission Series: Gun Hazard, Star Parodier, the "silly" Star Soldier game; and Martial Champion. Now I guess you all are must be eagerly waiting for the releases, aren’t you all?


Now there is a rocking event on May 22nd. I would like to inform you that Indiana Jones is back and your favourite Harrison Ford will make his appearance on the silver screen after a very long time.

You must be wondering why I am talking about Indiana Jones or Harrison Ford. Well guys, on May 22nd LEGO Star Wars games will be launched. So as usual on Friday evening expect one of the biggest bash of the year and experience the difference. Post in your reviews of the various characters of the game.


A sad news guys! The latest press release from Konami states that animal-based puzzler Saku Saku Animal Panic will be launched on a later date than previously announced and will also be a part of the US. It’s really bad that we have not yet discussed our favourite games.

Animal lovers will love to play Critter Round-Up. Another game which will be launched shortly is the Fresco Beach. I am very enthusiastic about the new launches but waiting for so long it’s quite sad.


Guys! Here are the weekly results of the top of the charts. One of Japan’s favourite game, Nintendo’s Kart Racer, was on the top. Half a million copies sold in the first week itself. Hey listen, you must be shocked that Mario Kart didn’t even dominate the Japanese market.

Now everybody knows that the favorites of Japanese are some of the handheld games. In this scenario the Wii was on the third place. One new change was that among the sales, Brawl overtook Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G.


When it comes to Square Enix titles, it's usually slim pickings - not on games to play, but actual concepts.  It's either a Final Fantasy-related game, or they're milking another release out of the Dragon Quest line.  That's why Soul Eater: Monotone Princess gets us excited.

The game is a licensed anime title and its announcement makes it Square Enix's fifth release for the Wii.  Kids in a school being taught how to make living weapons?  Sounds like a neat concept for an animated series as well as a game.  Here's hoping that Square Enix can launch another wildly successful series.


Time magazine's posted the shortlist for their annual Time 100.  The Time 100 is their list of the year's most influential people, and Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto is currently at 25th out of the 207 people on the list.  It's good to see such a pioneer get his due.

Miyamoto is the force behind Donkey Kong, Mario, and Wii Fit.  Some have called him the father of the modern video game, a title he has very little competition for.  Miyamoto's currently running neck and neck with Mark Zuckerberg, the 24-year old who founded Facebook.  Really.


Usually when a racing game hits consoles these days, the objective is to win at all costs.  You get some tricked out vehicle with a whole arsenal of gadgets and weapons to lay waste to your racing opponents.  A game's coming in May that should take some of the bite out of the racing game, and it's not called Mario Kart Wii.

Emergency Heroes is a pseudo-futuristic high-speed racing game with a twist: you're ripping down the road to save lives.  Whether you're driving an ambulance or a police car, your task is to rescue those in need.  I'm still sure that this is going to be ignored by a good deal of gamers who just want to run over the animated wounded, but it's a nice concept.


There's nothing like a pleasant stay at a comfortable hotel.  You've got the mini-bar, room service, a pool, and a little lady who shows up every day to make your bed and clean up after you and your mess.  Now, pay-per-view is getting some competition as the favorite of hotel amenities.

Some U.S. hotel chains will be offering popular Wii games to their guests as part of the usual in-room entertainment package.  Too hot to go outside?  Just order up Wii Sports and get your exercise the day without leaving the room.  With Guitar Hero III as one of the proposed titles, one can only imagine how many more noise complaints will be coming down to the front desk.


Who likes doctors?  Even when they're trying to make us feel better, there's something that makes a lot of us nervous when having to visit the sterile environment called the doctor's office.  What if you could the visit the doc from the comfort of your couch?

Yep, Dr. Mario's Virus Buster is coming to the Wii.  The buzz says that the game will have a multiplayer mode designed for the Wiimote.  Online play will be included as well, and the connection is supposedly incredible.  Who else is excited to have multiple opponents to lose to?  I am.


I know just as well as anyone how annoying it is to untangle game controller cords.  They knot up and can sometimes get so bad that you just write off the whole gaming experience for the day and throw them back into the cubby.  Or the floor.  Or against the wall.

CYBER Gadget has come up with the CYBER Remocon & Nunchuk Stand.  Just imagine a very elaborate toothbrush caddy that holds two nunchuks, two Wiimotes, as well as a classic controller.  As over-the-top as it is, this stand may save you a lot of hassle in the long run.


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