Nintendo has decided not to attend the Leipzig Game Convention. According to their press release, they have decided to bypass the event and focus on other events that can bring the company in touch with new potential gamers. Such people do not attend game conventions, so Nintendo intends to reach out to them through locally organised smaller events.

Still, it is a surprising move from the gaming giant. Last year, the convention had drawn 185,000 visitors. This year, even more people would have come, which Nintendo could have easily reached out to. However, Nintendo claims its decision is not based on the popularity or unpopularity of the Leipzig Game Convention.


Get ready NiGHTS fans, here comes the manifestation of your dreams! A website called NiGHTS Community is giving away Journey of Dreams memorabilia to the winner of the contest that it is running. This memorabilia came into the site’s administrator’s possession whilke attending a private demonstration by Sega.

The NiGHTS Community could have made money out of it by auctioning the memorabilia, but instead they have come up with this contest. The contest prizes are being given away on an individual basis. This may give NiGHTS fans a genuine chance to win the memorabilia.


The market share war between Microsoft and Nintendo just got hotter. This week Microsoft made a unique statement stating that the their Xbox 360 is this generation’s console winner. Generally when a particular console’s sales crosses 10 million mark, it is declared a generation winner.

Reacting to this in a very subtle manner, Nintendo released a press release stating that that their sales have crossed 9.5 million in the US and that is quite close to a ten million mark. Now many analysts are predicting that Nintendo will overtake Xbox 360 very soon.


You guys must have experienced some weird things in life. But not one like the ones which we have just seen.  A video shows an act of Tresling. It is just a combination of Tetris with arm wrestling. We really do know how such a idea the inventors came up with!

But as usual, we tried out the game, just to try our luck. As expected we got a weird outcome. The game is such that, you start playing and then you break our arm in sixteen places. And guess what? You never be able to grip a Wiimote again.


Every week we see some good releases. We tend to play all the series and then stick on the best one. But the last week’s releases, we are not certain whether everybody would like it or not.

Boom Blox was released last week. We feel it is looking very tricky. We really don’t have an idea how it is going to perform. But if any body tries out, we would like to see your feedback on the game. Let’s hope something is better. We also want to play out the new games, hence keep posted about the games which you are playing this weekend.


Here are some surprises for you. A popular series called "Iwata Asks" interview series has been initiated by Nintendo. This is similar kind of thing just as that of Link's Crossbow Training in Japan.

This week it is Shigeru Miyamoto. He expressed surprises over few things and then started answering some of the queries. He expressed that he is motivated for the Link's Crossbow Training and he himself an FPS fan. He explains the outlook as "more comfortable, more natural". If you really want to read the interview fully, just go to the web and read it.


Guys! I have lot of questions running through my mind. I am not able to understand few things about the switching of consoles. We all know that the games that started on the DS hop and to the Wii now and to quote a recent release, Lost in Blue.

I am not sure whether it is right to just change the consoles in the middle series. I would like you all to post whether it is a good idea to just switch consoles mid series.  If anybody has already done it, I would really appreciate if you could post your valuable comments here.


Analysis shows that the ratings provided by ESRB are quite popular. People follow their ratings seriously and decide their purchase based on the ratings provided by ESRB. In the recent ratings for Pro Wrestling and Zombies Ate My Neighbors, the games have already become very popular.

You guys must be aware that even WiiWare’s ratings are quite impressive. They are in-between ‘expected to thrilling’. A new game has been launched. It is the Super Dodge Ball, a NES game. Games like Dr. Mario Wii and Family Ping Pong stand out as we did not find their ratings on ESRB website.


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