Hey guys! Some interesting news for you all! The Big Beach Sports is going to be released very shortly. The budget of the game is just $29.99. Just looking at the screens, the game is really the best choice.

Though we have not seen the graphics part but we believe that the game will be fun to play and also some interesting things like "the bump" with the Wiimote will be a nice thing to enjoy. You can easily find the game under "mehware."


We all know that after sunrise we see sunset. Same thing applies in real life. After each lucky draw we have 2 winners. Now in the recent news, we came to know that 2 winners have been crowned. Lucky draw was conducted randomly.

The two winners of the Fanswag lucky draw were dubbalubagis (Grand prize winner - Death Jr., Nyko Kama nunchuk) and Fryguy (Death Jr.). We wish them all success and thank them for participating in this event. For other folks, we could just say, better luck next time!


To the surprise of many people and to the dismay of some the top Wii game last week was not Mario Kart or the recently released Wii Fit. The top honor was grabbed by the Shiren. The mid-week launched game debuted in second place behind the newly launched Dragon Ball Z the play station 3 game.

However the Wii fit, Mario Kart and the family trainer were present in the top 10 list. Smash Bros. Brawl and Battalion Wars 3 were an unexpected entry and retained their spots in the top thirty.


People were skeptical about the Blast Work: build, trade, destroy version as it was just an upgrade and modified version of the freeware PC shooter game. But Blast Works has proved all the critics wrong and has been a huge hit. The editor mode given in the game is the biggest attraction and lives up to its expectations and standard. It has got a very strong editor mode.

This editor mode helps you to create your own levels and even fine tune the minutest of details. Not only this you can make your own level upload it on the official website of the game and can even download levels created by other players.


This one is all you Aerosmith fans out there. Guitar Hero: Aerosmith is an interesting game. There are quite a few tracks that are available in the game and are easy to play. However, Steven Tyler’s caricature leaves a lot to be desired.

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith is like Guitar Hero III, but it seems easier to play. It has built the likeness of its characters to popular rockers quite convincingly. The game also has a story mode in which you can follow the life history of the rockers, can play their hit songs.


Alright people give it up! How many of you people out there have been facing the problem of reducing memory in Wii due to so many WiiWares. We are looking for ways to free up the memory but in a way that our gaming experience is not hampered.

There is always this solution of keeping stuff on SD cards but it may be a turn off for many gamers as they prefer to have all necessary and important stuff to available easily and without delay. Gamers please share your space saving and utilizing methods.


Check your weight before you choose to buy the Wii Fit the Wii game that has many people jump on the fitness bandwagon. Apparently, there is a weight limit on the gamers. If you weigh more than 330 lbs., you will have to follow the advice of NOA’s Jill Callahan to either return the game or gift it to someone who can play it. Sounds a little rude, but that’s how it is!

May be Wii could have found a way to motivate them to come to the game’s outer limit of supported weight. 


Bionic Commando’s 8-bit soundtrack is amazing and may gamers would like to see it on the Virtual Console. Capcom has released the album of Simon Viklund for Bionic Commando Rearmed that has modernized NES songs. However, Bionic Commando Rearmed is not available on Wii.

Bionic Commando Rearmed may not be available on Wii, but you still hear its awesome soundtrack on iTunes. You can buy the full soundtrack from iTunes for $9.99 or you can select the one’s you like for $0.99. Even though Capcom may loose money, it has released the Bionic Commando soundtrack.


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