You want to enjoy the best game of your life, you have ever played? Try Wii’s Wario Land: Shake It at E3. You will have lots to play with and will also encounter many surprises on your way to the last level. Wario’s badaas sub is an excellent piece of imagination, which creators have built in the game. You will notice how Wario can traverse through the slabs and move the billboards around in entire game. You need to keep little patience with game, as it won’t be easy first up.

If you keep up with game and are able to event cross intermediate levels, you will realize the excitement of the Wario’s tricks, which include passing through pipes with ease. As, game needs one to be patient therefore you need to build some skills as you progress. You can also find lots of help over the Internet from fellow gamers, which can really help you. If you have learnt a good trick, share it with people and let people admire your skills. These skills will help you to cross next levels. The levels get tougher and tougher but that’s what a true gamer wants – excitement that can electrify the brain cells.


Koji Igarashi is doing a lot of conversations these days. Whether it’s a talk about the new 2D retro sequels or questions regarding the Castlevania Judgment gaming style, he is always in the upfront to answer any queries. He is often asked that why Castlevania is a 3D game? The inevitable answer given by him is that he audiences are more interested in swinging the Wiimote to whip. Therefore he decided to implement these mechanics in the game. Koji also stated that the styles and approach used by his franchise and that of third party (Konami) are pretty different in terms of budget and presentation.

According to the Koji ‘IGA’ Igarashi, whether a developer can create a game for core gamers with the lowest development cost or he can find a completely separate market for these cheerers outside this gaming world. He surely hopes that low budgeted Castlevania games will prove more worth playing. Therefore, currently Koji is waiting for Mega Man 9, which is the console game that reuses 8-bits style. Being a retro gaming fan himself, Koji thinks that the success of these types of sequel may open many new doors for the franchise.


Recently Hudson came up with the good news for the American Wiis. It announced the launch of two amazing games for the American Wiis. The two new games will come with different aquatic themes when viewed from different angles.  Mezase! Tsuri Master Sekai ni Challenge which is a sequel to the Fishing Master will be released in the winter of 2008 under the name of Fishing Master World Tour. The controls for Fishing Master World Tour are awesomely representative.  Now it’s more about motion and less of buttons to give you ultimate control. The games have been added with striking locations.

It’s as if you are on a whirlwind world tour! Fishing Master World Tour It features boss battles and leader boards for great experience. I happened to play the game at E3 and it came across as quite operative. The other game to be released will be called Blue Oasis and it will be called My Aquarium. My Aquarium is set in smaller waters with beautiful aquatic plants and swimming fish. It’s about enjoyment and relaxation. There has been no confirmation about the date of release of Blue Oasis from Hudson yet. Hudson also launched website for My Aquarium.


Nintendo’s newly revamped show couldn’t show its real magic despite its release of much desired games and also a pair of unbelievable peripherals. Everybody felt the charm in the show was missing. To add more, some people even felt that Nintendo’s announcements were not appealing. It was the third parties who had actually ruled the show. All these mixed reactions and comments pulled a ton of news and a storm of media in to it.

Wanna be lucky? Wanna get back all those right here? Wanna get better than E3 story. Its simple, you can visit it all here. Some of the show highlights which were released at E3 are, a New Pumpkin Sprouts, mega man feels more like a 10, Wii Fanboy Bats-on the Mario with super Sluggers. But the thing that hit the break was the full index of 2008 E3 coverage. This index will be updated as and when the new and excited items will roll upon. So just get back on E3 sidebar graphic to get more excitement and fun! So what are you waiting for? Its high time you go for it!


Konami is quite unhappy about the whole “Rock Band” affair with Harmonix and its allies over the patent violations done by Harmonix. Konami finally decided to take action and follow the legal recourse. Konami went to the court against Harmonix, MTV and their parent company, Viacom against breach of its patents. According to Konami, Harmonix’s game called Rock Band violated Konami’s patents. Rock Band is a music video game developed by Harmonix and published by MTV. Kanomi had filed patents for Rock Band in 2002 and 2003. Rock Band permits players to perform in virtual bands by  four  players with the ability to play three different peripherals like a guitar peripheral for lead guitar and bass guitar game play, a drum peripheral and a microphone.

Konami’s suit alleges that Harmonix be stopped from using Konami’s creation. Konami’ suit against Harmonix seeks monetary compensation for the losses it has suffered due the patent violations by Harmonix and its allies. Konami had presented the special game called Guitar Freaks to Japanese arcades almost 10 years ago. Guitar Freaks came into lime light for making use of a guitar controller. It became quite a success in Japan and was one of its games that made use of a guitar controller.


Who does not want money, money and more money in today’s world? Dokapon kingdom, the game is all about acquiring gold coins in the game, and the Present campaign is doing the same - offering the people who respond to a survey, real money, in form of gold coins. Good for the Japanese Doka fans- three fans who answer correctly on the mobile phone site of Sting will be awarded 100,000 yen worth of gold.

The game is about variable friendships, alliances and betrayals and we sure hope the promised reward is not modeled on the same lines! The reward is promised to three fans who answer correctly between July 31 and September 30. So the Japanese fans better not forget that it is a chance to make some serious money, along with having fun. A four-player board game which has monsters attacking and the hero saving the kingdom, and earning money from the king, Dokapon Kingdom is being called a friendship-destroying game as the tactics are based on shifting alliances and treacheries – not unlike present day politics, so it actually might be a good thing to know all about it. Who knows, experience with this game may further your own political career!


The anticipation of gamers in Japan seems to be heading towards an end. Capcam is looking ahead to create a stir in the market with its Mega Man 9 release. Capcam has big plans for the release of its two games in the Mega Man 9 series. Capcam plans to send the right signals to the gamers about the hardness and brutality of Mega Man series. It will launch its two games viz. Rockman and The Riddle of Dr. Willy on the Virtual console in two months time. Capcam will also launch WiiWare game in the month of September this year. Now what a treat it is going to be for Wii lovers!

Capcom and Nintendo mentioned that Rockman will hit the markets in the month of June 2008. VC lineup page of Rockman was updated to add the surprise quotient to the whole affair. Rockman and Riddle of Dr. Willy are already being enjoyed by game aficionados in Europe. People in Japan have been quite anxiously waiting for the release of the games. Capcam took the time to release it in Japan as it wanted to promote Mega Man 9 before the final launch for Japanese gamers.

Hope the nostalgia gets over for Japanese!


A Chinese maker manufactures Goatse style accessory for a marble game. In this age of sleek and simple looking devices when everybody is trying to come up with something brilliant and subtle designs. A Chinese manufacturer seems to have taken fancy to Goatse way of doing things. Goatse refers to the shock site banned for its offensive content. The Chinese manufacturer that made brilliant remote attachments for Wii shortly seems to have resorted to whacky ideas to grow its business. Goatse styled Ball Bearing Maze Special Salver introduced by the Chinese maker may finally help us gain some control our accessories.

Branded under Kororinpa name, this Ball bearing maze special Salver is quite handy. You may never come to figure out the intimidating touch of Goatse idea while you play your favorite Kororinpa: Marble Mania game with it. It promises to bring you fun, excitement and the elegance. The only negative side to the new accessory is that you may not be able to use it with other games like Mercury Meltdown Revolution, Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz and Adventure by Dewy. Apart from that the price of Maze Special Salver at around $27.99 and shipping and handling, charges may be a dampener for the few. It almost makes it unattractive as is Goatse style attached to. May be you need to rethink before you buy it.


Many people who love gaming have anxiously been waiting for the release of a pair of games from Wii ware and Virtual console each. These games will be available for download for this week. The only criteria are that for downloading Magnetic Twist one should have 1000 or more Wii points and for downloading Fatal Fury 2 one should have 900 or more Wii points. Though these games will be available for downloading; most of the people will be disappointed as they are anxiously awaiting the release of the other games from Wii. Many gamers were also expecting that there will be more than two games that would be released by Wii ware and Virtual console respectively. 

Both the games namely Magnetica Twist and Fatal Fury 2 are good games and will offer good entertainment to the gamers. These games come with a new set of challenges and levels that will keep the gamers hooked to the gaming device. Also these games come with added features like better in game control, better sound effects and also good visual effects. Also the downloading is at a reasonable Wii points for both the games.


Wii have planned to release the Aerosmith Edition of their guitar hero CD versions. The wait for this new edition will soon be over as Wii are about to release it this week and will be available in the stores immediately. Wii have also promised that the new edition will be mass produced and there will be no shortage of it. Also this new version will be available at an affordable price and people can also advance book it to get their copies without any hassle.

The big attraction of this version is getting to play new songs with new beat and different tune on the plastic guitar. Many people get fascinated by the idea of playing new songs rather then the cover name or title. Overall this will be an exciting week for people who love to play songs on their plastic guitar. There will be some advanced features in this version with more number of tracks and simple aids and tips to play them in a better way. 

So friends those who want to get rocking with this new Aerosmith Edition of guitar heroes, better advance book your copies to get them on the launching day itself. 


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