The first episode for Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People is releasing this month. Telltale games send out a press release. The game is releasing in North America on August 11. Future episodes will be released every month. The game is coming out on Nintendo Wii as Telltale has paid a lot to Nintendo for this. We hope it is true that the game is finally coming out this month and we will not face any problem with Wii in stock again. We have been waiting since last month for it. However, since Nintendo has not yet come out with this news so should we trust it or again take it as a rumor? May be Nintendo might delay the release just to show who the boss is.

In the latest issue of Stuff magazine Guitar Hero: World Tour is on their front page.  They presented the tracks that are there in the game. It also has the artist from the upcoming game. People have been excited as well as disappointed with the new release. Survey says some people liked the game due to their favorite artists in the game. They find it fun. Most of them have already preordered for the game. For some it is new to reach out. However there are people who are disappointed with visuals. Most of them complain the visual not being clear. They have also complained about the lights that keep flashing behind. Seems Nintendo has tough job this time. Not only they have to keep Wii in stock as people have preordered it but also meet gamers’ expectations.

In South Africa stocks are disappearing from the shelves within week’s time. Now both retailers and warehouse do not have Wii in stock. With so many new releases in market I hope Nintendo is mentally prepared with all consequences.


The Mega Man 9 items shop is having some of the features from later mega man games and also some new features to enhance it outlook. Here is a look at what is available so far:

     Energizing tank and Mystery tank – The energy tank gives life and the mystery tank life gives weapon energy
     Energy Balancer – Enhances energy in weapon
     Call Edie and Call Beat – Calling up on Eddie and Beat the bird for action
     Guard Up – Brings down Mega Man’s damage in half
     Shock Guard – Save Mega mans life when walking on spikes
     Costume – Change of Costume
     Hair Style Book – Getting a new hairstyle


Now if you see any posting anywhere about a Wii hard drive, just ignore it. Why? It’s a fake ad. What’s being shown as a Wii hard drive is actually a portable air conditioner.

The idea of Nintendo putting out a new Wii hard drive to store VC games has been propagated as a hot Nintendo release by some pranksters. If you check out Amazon, you can find the air-conditioner’s picture there. Of course, all of us would just fall for an idea like this – one storage place to out in all the VC games. The item shown in the picture looks good, handy and portable too, however, this one is not for real. So beware.


  CD-I would have been beyond the memory of anyone, if The Big N and Philips have not come forward with an ill-advised deal about it. CD-I is one of those expensive game systems that have good versions of FMV games. The other games with such versions are of course Burn: Cycle and Brain Dead 13.

 Therefore people who are big fans of CD-I should thank Nintendo for promoting this game system, which promotes games like Mario and Zelda. CD-I is also responsible for introducing low-resolution expensive movies on CD and has been the top choice other than the 3D0. 


  Spencer got a chance to interact and interview Koji Igarashi, the developer of Castlevania Judgment. Today when every body is asking some amusing and unprofessional queries about Castlevania, Spencer thought to bowl over some professional and serious questions at Koji.

Koji angrily stated that he never understood why people often label Castlevania as a fighting game. He thinks it to be a 3D action game with some other cool stuff stored within it. The characters of the game can uniquely interact with environmental objects. It was nice to see Koji coming forward with such ideas, and we hope to listen more from him in future too.


Space Invaders Get Even is slated to get in the tunes of a WiiWare game. Like other WiiWare games, this one will also have a cheap title of low 500 points. These facts revealed by Famitsu make Space Invaders Get Even in the realms of Cruis’n USA and SPOGS Racing.

In the meanwhile, Famitsu also stated that the cost of Space Invaders might go up a bit due to certain downloadable stages. These include Square Enix, which is commonly known to DLC on WiiWare. In spite of all this, mere 500 points for this package is an exceptional value.


Did you saw the image of Fragile’s item shop? Well, in the beginning, we all were amazed by the visual appearance of Tri-Crescendo’s Fragile. The detailed models of characters are shown in astonishingly moody surroundings. But the launch of the item shop image has left the audiences with a confused and amused state of mind.

If you get a chance to view this image, you can make out that the person shown in the image has a giant chicken head mask with only one eye. Moreover, it would be wearing a fancy suit with panda kneepads and will be seen rolling all over a junked stroller. It is hard to make out that why a chicken head is shown on the image, which looks terribly foolish.


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