Banzo Kazooie has now parted its way from the Virtual Console i.e. Nintendo. It would now be using the XBLA service of Xbox 360. The game has opted to go with XBLA Service, the reason for which has not been made public as yet. However, this time XBLA version of the game would not reflect any reference of Nintendo and N64. Thus, Rare Logo and Microsoft Game Studios would replace the older version of N64 label.

Now it has to be seen that whether Tip Tup would be able to recreate the magic on both the games because until now, Tip Tup character had been associated with Nintendo. Let’s see, what’s this character has in store for itself.


As every body is aware that Wii usually offers a better amount of storage space and in this scenario, the gamers would really experience the trouble in storing their favorite music on the system. Mr. Karthik Bala from Vicarious Visions asserts that one can use SD card in order to download songs, but, 200 free blocks of memory used as a “content cache” would still be required for the download purpose. The content cache needs to be cleared out post every download and transport another downloaded songs to the blocks. As per Bala, this procedure of clearing up and transporting is going to be “pretty quickly”, but how quickly that needs to be seen.

If we talk about the amazing memory of 200 free blocks, it can accommodate six Mega Man2 or three Super Metriods and is even bigger than some N64 games. However, the feasibility of the procedure involved in downloading needs to be evaluated as Bala has termed it as “pretty quickly.” Well providing the storage solution for Wii is a commendable task but its better to announce it next week as Japanese Media Summit is just round the corner. 


Hey guys, Wii Fit in stock! If that isn’t news enough, what else could be?
According to recent surveys, it’s come to light that Wii Fit’s helping out the elderly population get going once again. It provides that easy push from a couch life to one where you find yourself working out often and that too without pushing yourself over the top. For people who haven’t had a regular workout regime in their routines, it’s an easy motivation. In the comfort zone of your own home, it makes you go that extra mile you wouldn’t consider otherwise.

Stores are still up with the Wii plus Wii Fit offer which brings you the entire Wii console along with the Balance Board in a single buy of US $141.98, a sheer drop from US $259.95. The fact that shouldn’t be missed is that we find Wii Fit in stock. Other economic offers for holiday buyers would be the Wii 5-in-1 Fitness Bundle that packs in all the accessories that you might like to purchase once you are the owner of Wii Fit, at a price of US $49.99. The pack lets you own three pairs of foot socks, a yoga mat to work out on, a battery pack which wouldn’t need you to buy another one ever, a USB charging cable and a Balance Board clear silicone sleeves.

With Wii Fit in stock, it’s the time to hurry and get hold of one to gift your friend or probably yourself, in good time to have a healthy Christmas workout.


 I hope you remember the case between ResponDesign and Ubisoft? No. then let me help you out. If you ever played Yourself! Fitness for the Xbox, PC or PS2 you will know that the company had a Wii version planned. They wanted to overcome the success of the Wii Fit. Ubisoft was developing My Fitness Coach by using some Yourself Fitness’s assets, including the virtual trainer Maya in it. The launch unfortunately was after the Wii fit which resulted to huge loss for ResponDesign.

After this the company filed a lawsuit against Ubisoft.  Later we heard the last word from Ubisoft that the game was no longer part of the My Coach series. Now the game would be marked under the title of ResponsDesign’s original fitness program Yourself! Fitness in the US and as Go Fitness in Europe.


Animal Crossing: City Folk will now be available in two packages. The first package will contain the Wii Speak room microphone so that you can communicate with anyone online in-game. His package will cost you $69.99.

The second package includes the release of the newest title in the Animal Crossing franchise. This would cost you merely $49.99. It will be interesting to play online with people on DS. However paying so much for a game is too expensive However if the Wii Speaker room is not use with other game then trust me it will be a waste later.


In April we heard of Elebits sequel coming through. However at that point of time it was a rumor so we stayed quiet till the right time came. Now, Product manager Gregg Nolan has discussed openly that they are making Elebits sequel, Konami.

It may be a sequel but it is totally different from the previous one i.e. Elebits adventure. This time we will have the fresh Elebits experience. The game will be on Wii ware instead of DS title. However the discussion is still going on about the DS/Wii connectivity, so you may not know what comes next. What you can be sure of is the real Elebits game.


Golden Eye 007 is fondly remembered by one and all. It is eleven year old game, about an N64 shooter.  Microsoft, Nintendo and Rare have been trying to get this game back on their control system.

Microsoft wants to get this game on Xbox 30, Rare on Virtual Console and Nintendo on Wii. Rare senior software engineer Nick Burton says, ‘’the ball’s not in anybody’s court but in the license holders’ court.” The game will be released only on the system which reaches on the agreement and owns the license to the game. It has been found out that the ball is in Rare’s court. Shame! Does this mean nothing on LIVE Arcade or on Wii?


 When Nintendo was about to release Wii Fit, no one ever wondered that their product would be such a great hit. Their product has broken all the records of sales. Even Nintendo never thought that their product would come out so well. Since its launch the balance board has been out of stock, its availability has been questioned every time. The Wii, launched in late 2006, has dominated Sony’s PS3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 in the $57 billion video game industry. Thanks to its easy-to-learn motion-sensing controller, low price and innovative balance board. These are some reasons why Nintendo Wii fit was so much popular among masses and the reason is same for unavailability of Wii fit in stock.  

Many thought that it was a marketing ploy just to make the Wii fit more popular than it actually was, and they think that to be the only reason for the unavailability of Wii fit in stock in the market. People say that Nintendo wants to make the Wii Fit the most popular game among the masses. If that was their plan, then I should say it worked perfectly. Nintendo has now decided to comment on the issue. 

Nintendo has taken help of MTV to explain the unavailability of Wii fit in stock in stores. They say that they are now providing retailers with a constant supply of “Wii fit” so you should see you favorite game on the store shelves. That’s good news for Nintendo lovers.


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