I find it kinda funny that a game that was ported over from other consoles sells over 1 million despite all the people saying that Wii isn't for hardcore gamers. Well, they just got proven wrong. Resident Evil 4 has sold very well, and it looks like they will make another one for the Wii.

Another game to look out for is Manhunt 2. This game is much more violent than Resident Evil 4. We'll have to see how well it will well. I'm sure it'll do well to balance out all the "Cute" games out there for the Wii.


Holy moley! Did Amazon sell their massive batch of Nintendo Wiis. I fortunately lucked out and snatched a few of them myself. Amazon ended taking down the whole Nintendo Wii console page. I'm surprised Amazon even stayed up. Then again, it's Amazon.

I wonder if that was going to be last major batch Amazon was going to receive. It's still early, so I'm sure that's not true, but seeing how the Wiis disapeared so quickly makes me think there will be a lot of desparate parents coming close to December.

I can't wait to check out the frenzy on television.


This is going to be one of the greatest games in history. I still remember the day when I played Super Mario on the NES. It was glorious. Then came the N64 with it's revolutionary take on Mario. Then comes the latest installment.

This isn't just some Super Paper Mario version. This is the real deal. It's a huge world for Mario to play in. We're talking a freaking galaxy here! Mario will have so much to do he won't know what to do first! OK ok ok, I'm hyping it up a bit here.

But seriously, it's going to be an awesome game. If you call yourself a Nintendo fan, you better be buying this game.


Everyone is waiting for the Wii Zapper that is coming bundled with Link's Crossbow Training, which should be a great game. For those that don't know, it's basically a contraption that holds both your Wii remote and the Wii nunchuk so it looks like a gun.

There is the standard triggers that you'd find on a machine gun. It's to make you feel even more part of the game. I have a feeling that some people won't like it cause they feel they are better without it.

Anyway, there is some controversy because many people don't like it because of the design and they feel its not necessary. I guess we'll just have to check out the sales number to really find out.


We all love our wonderful Wii, but there's something that bothers many of us. It only includes 512 MB of storage on the console! The competition has a huge hard drive to store all sorts of things, but the Wii is left in the dark in this department. I guess it wasn't designed to be a media center like Sony and Microsoft are looking for.

The problem is that you can download so many great things for the Wii. Think Nintendo 64 games, unique Wii games, old NES games, old SNES games... and the list goes on! There's just so much.

And you also have to think about all the game data that is saved. This obviously presents a problem that needs to be solved. Nintendo has come out and defended that 512 is all you need because you can always download the game back again after deleting it. That's great and all, but the convenience of having on the demand is great too.

Oh well, I guess you can't have the best of everything.


Wii Sports won all the words this year at the yearly BAFTA awards. That's kinda amazing because Nintendo included it as a freebie in all American Wii boxes. Every new outlet in American covered the game and I'm pretty sure we saw every news anchor playing it on television.

But what does Nintendo Wii have up it's sleeve next? Ahh yes of course, the wonderful Wii Fit. It's a hardware device you place on the floor similar to those heightened training mats for those gym goes. You basically put your feet on it and then it measures how much pressure you are putting on each foot.

This in combination with your Wii remote and nunchuk is supposed to give you some major exercise! Well I guess this is a good thing considering how unhealthy and lazy Americans are.

The real question is whether this will stick or not. Will it be the next Wii Sports in terms of media popularity? I think so depending how desparate mass media is when it comes out.


1UP recently made a post of what they think is the top five games that everyone HAS to be buy. After looking at the list, I'm not sure if they hit it directly, but that's just my opinion.

Here are there the top 5 must have games according to them:

1. Manhunt 2

Ok... I want this game too. It's gotten a lot of press lately because it had such a hard time passing the game rating tests. It's bloody violent!

2. Mario & Sonic at the Olympics

This is a game I'd play with some casual friends and family. I'm sure it's a boat load of fun.

3. Medal of Honor: Heroes 2

Good game. I'd rather play it on my PC though.

4. NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams

Ok... this is a game I want to play.

5. Trauma Center: New Blood

Not sure about this.

Overall, they left out some super games. What about Super Mario Galaxy? Guitar Hero 3? Cmon!!! I guess it's their opinion, but!


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