This won’t really qualify for news, but among the other things, there is lots of Wii in stock. Since its launch, the monthly sales numbers of the console have been higher than its competitors across the globe. According to the NPD Group, the Wii sold more units in the United States than the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 combined in the first half of 2007. This lead is even larger in the Japanese market, where it currently leads in total sales, having outsold both consoles by factors of 2:1 to 6:1 nearly every week from launch until November 2007. In Australia, the Wii exceeded the record set by the Xbox 360 to become the fastest selling games console in Australian history.

On September 12, 2007, it was reported by the Financial Times that the Wii had crashed the Xbox 360, which was released one year before, and had become the market leader in home console sales for the current generation, based on sales figures from Enterbrain, NPD Group, and GfK This is the first time a Nintendo console has led its generation in sales since the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Nintendo warned that the Wii would remain in short supply throughout 2007, while the company has still has Wii in stock, with 1.8 million Wii console output each month.


Apparently, it shall not surprise at all to find it hard to spot Wii Fit in stock. Last month Nintendo voiced its plan to market the crap out of Wii Fit, stating "the increased buzz will drive increased demand for the already difficult to find Wii hardware." Okay, the UK is crazy over Wii Fit, but c'mon Nintendo, you guys shouldn't have a hard time filling the demand. The preorders at Amazon are going through the roof and with Wii Fit being on Good Morning America recently, we're sure the public is very open to the product. For god sake, I am sure, that extra inch around your belly doesn’t know marketing, and wont care a penny about Wii Fit availability, Will it?  

Released in the late December 2007, the Nintendo child had gate crashed the sale charts and was much happening, until Nintendo decided to pull off the unit production down to a trickle. Though Christmas is still a long way off, it’s already hard to find Wii Fit for sale. Nevertheless, there are still quite a many places where you could find Wii Fit in stock.


The game is full of entertainment; users are ready to present positive view for the title. It gives well worth to the money. In this game it is seen that castle owners need to defend their castle from invading armies. Gamers gain points when they save castle in day. During night they need to strengthen the assets or expand them in the castle.

Pink eraser is the coolest ability in the game which automatically removes enemy as well as there is also a technique which provides gamers with a new soldier to fight with. Graphically the game was fabulous. Small effects like changing weather were described in a very fine manner.


Quinte Health Care is planning to move towards Wii generation. The popular Nintendo  Innovative video game system is being used by the rehabilitation department to help patients in overcoming their problems. One of the video game is bowling which help in         
them in exercising. Wii Bowling League is made by Prince Edward Community Care
for its patients who are referred by therapists.

The game can be used by a group with a large screen and projector. It can be used
individually on a television and also used as a bonus for the seniors patients. Senior patients can get an opportunity to play with their grand kids.


In a word with press, The President Reggie declared that £25 will be the cost of Wii Speak in U.K. The launching will take place on 16 Nov. The Wii Speak Channel helps you to chat and share pictures among upto three or four players over the internet. The Company has invested lot for increasing the quality of products. It is helpful in maintaining relation between relatives.

 Nintendo informed that Animal Crossing will be the first with Wii Speak functions which they will launch on same day with Wii Speak. Nintendo is late in the internet messaging but it has blue tooth in it. It is a big hit for the parties and helpful in communication.


Nintendo has maintained its name in the game industry as well as in gamer’s heart. The company has come with the offer that if consumers will register themselves on the  
Nintendo site they will get another 90 days along with the original manufacturer’s warranty.

The marketing strategy of the company is capable to attract gamers. Consumers are using different games but are not able to register for long term warranty. According to the survey done by different agencies, consumers need company to be true with their words, so that it does not decrease its reliability.


Nintendo has various games available in the market .The official magazine preview had shown that all the 70s’ horror themes were used in the game’s promotion. The game was less brightly colored as well as realistic depictions of normal people brought gamers back to life. Highly techno and interactive, both are important features of Nintendo games available in the market.

Perhaps the most frightening for the player is what they've done to reloading. Reloading the gun is still done the same way, but it's not instantaneous any longer as in the House of the Dead. This type of game makes the gamers fearless.


The first reviews really appeared good. Gamers should buy it because they are getting a colourful T-shirt of De Blob on it. It is a lure for consumers to purchase its game. Nintendo has also broken a myth that it is lacking in quality. Gamers can’t stop themselves after listening to such a happy, catchy and jazzy soundtrack, the added attraction of a T-shirt notwithstanding.
Nintendo has all the features to attract every genre of customers; it is a fun game that succeeds in creating a cool mind. De Blob is a pretty impressive game and it also immediately raised the sensitivity of Wii gamers. 


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