This really has been a revolutionary year for Nintendo Wii (no pun intended), and this has caused any Wii in stock to be non-existant. To put things in perspective, the Nintendo Wii in stock levels has been pretty much zero throughout the entire year since it was initially lost. That's just plain impressive.

The only problem now is that many people who are stilling looking to buy one are in a difficult position and it's getting worse everyday. Last week, the prices on eBay were about $300-350 depending, which wasn't really too bad since the retail price was $250+tax. Now the Nintendo Wii console has been selling upwards of $500 for the basic bundle. That's amazing.

The positive in all this is that there are still ways to find the Wii in stock, but it's getting harder. Stock is slowly dwindling on eBay and demand is rising which means higher prices the longer you wait. Be sure to find a Wii in stock and buy soon before the prices rise even higher. Good luck!


Nintendo has just released a brand new Wii channel for the Japanese. This is not your ordinary channel has it will have really awesome features. It's called Everybody's Nintendo channel and its designed to promote Nintendo products. Before you start hammering them for self promotion, you have to keep in mind that they are offering some great stuff in the channel.

They will be providing great information on upcoming games such as photos, videos, and reviews. The best part is that they will have Nintendo DS demos for upcoming games. These will actually be playable, which is amazing.

The only problem now is that it is only available for Japanese Wii users, but it hopefully come to the rest of the world soon. Nintendo usually is good about that.


The Nintendo Wii Zapper has landed. Many people have been waiting for this contraption. If you don't know, it is a plastic piece that hooks up your Wii remote and Wii nunchuk and turns it into a gun where you can blast people off the screen. It adds a bit of realism to the shooting games.

The Nintendo Wii Zapper will work with any shooting or aiming type of game. One popular game that has already been out is Japan is Ghost Squad and people say it is a very fun game. Another game actually comes with the Wii Zapper in America. This game is called Link's Crossbow Training. The reviewers have said it is a very fun game that is surprisingly in depth.

Be sure to look out for it during the holidays.


While you're still looking for the Nintendo Wii in stock, we should still take time to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the Nintendo Wii. I remember when it was first announced as the Nintendo Revolution and everyone seemed to like the console but were disappointed with the power of the console.

Then they changed the name to Nintendo Wii and there were shots heard around the world. People lashed out about name saying things like it was the worst thing ever to happen in gaming while others thought it was cute. Either way, it was a very bold move by Nintendo and it has seemed to have payed off big time.

We'll just see how the future goes, but right now, Nintendo has made all the right moves and it is coming back to another golden year or years. Here's to your success and happy anniversary!

If only there were more around...


As man of you know, the Nintendo Wii comes with internet capabilities but you need a wireless router. Nintendo had also released a USB wireless device for your comptuer that will connect to your Nintendo Wii, but it didn't sell very well.

The USB device is now discontinued on Nintendo's website. The best bet is to make sure you have a wireless router for your internet connection or you buy a LAN adapter for your Nintendo WIi to plug it directly into it. The internet features for the WIi are great and should not be missed.

Any wireless router should work. Just don't be caught empty handed before Christmas!


A week ago, Toys R Us Announced that would offer the newest Super Mario Galaxy with a $25 gift card. This is an amazing offer because it pretty brings down the game price to only $25. You can use the extra gift card to buy another controller or game.

However, there is a problem. People who went to Toys R Us found themselves empty handed because the people who had pre ordered the game overwhelmed any kind of stock they had. This is bad news for people who didn't pre order and waited. Now they will need to find some other place to find it which won't be easy. This game is really popular.


Super Mario Galaxy has been getting absolutely stunning reviews from around the internet. There have already been three video reviews done on the game. We've been seeing scores like 9.0 to 9.5, which is amazing. Some comments include that this game is really true evolution from Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64.

The reviews state that the controls really do enhance the game in a big way. The world is large and there are a lot of things to explore. Overall, the game is classic Nintendo at it's best. If they keep producing games like this, there will be a lot of happy Wii owners.


Your Nintendo Wii may be able to play DVDs in the future. They told us that it will come to us this year, but it looks like they have dropped their promise. However, they said they have good reason for it.

They want to focus on meeting the demand these holidays so making a change to the manufacturing process is not in everyone's interest. Another reason is that the royalties included in making the Wii DVD compatible are still expensive.

However, they say next year! We'll see.


One of the most hyped games for the Nintendo Wii only sold 130K for the first day in Japan. The biggest issue was that there were hardly any lines for gaming stores. Usually, a game will have long lines awaiting the newest hot release. However, 130k is a respectable number by all means.

It's only he first day and Mario games have been known to keep selling throughout the lifespan of the video game. Games like New Super Mario Bros sold 900,000 during the first week, so Super Mario Galaxy still has  agood chance to catch up.

We'll see if people buy it up or not.


There's a whole new set of games available for Nintendo's virtual console. This time around there are some Neo Geo games. Some of the games a bit on the expensive end, but hey... you can't put a price on nostalgia.

Here are the games this week:

Sonic 3D for the Mega Drive. Now this was an old school game that didn't gain a lot of popularity. All those dollars spent going down the drain. Superb! Oh yeah even more cause it'll set you back 800 Wii points.

Samurai Ghost for the Turbografx is a interesting game for only 600 Wii points. That's the cheapest I've seen yet.

Art of Fighting for the Neo Geo for a whooping 900 Wii points. They must like to charge a lot for Neo Geo games for some reason. I can see why as this was one of the more popular games for the Neo Geo.

Then there's Alien Soldier for the mega drive for 800 Wii points. I'm not sure how many people would actually but this game, but it come out for the Mega Drive. The ony only a few people had.


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