Nintendo has been pretty quiet in the matter of community, so far, looking at number of Wii’s larger base of customers. They tried launching their Check Mii Out Channel and Everybody Votes Channel but they turned to be real flops. However it was but a relief that atleast there was an effort from Nintendo to break this silence, hints Nintendo of America President, Reggie Fils-Aime.

According to Reggie, Nintendo always had a vision on community and it is going to deliver it to its customers which are unique to Nintendo. This slow move towards community will not have any dramatic impact on Wii sales. Still it is good to know that Nintendo is thinking about it. Stacked up against Xbox Live and PSN, Nintendo is certainly lacking some community features.


Sega released a promotional video demonstration the gameplay of Let’s Tap. The game may be widely known for its whacky title but the music is brilliant to draw us and the trapping is great as it allows us to interact with that music. The video clip highlights the Rhythm Tapping, Tap Runner, and Visualizer Modes. There are glimpses of other modes as well.

The goal of Wii has been achieved through this game which is that the game is possible for any age to enjoy and so Wii has put a family together to deliver this message. There are only few other games which can provide such a cool and futuristic look and such an interesting input method.


Wii is now being also used by Dr. Rick Dale, a psychologist from the University of Memphis in his experiment to study the relationship between the mind and the body.

Dr. Dale used Wii in a variety of experiments and it helped to map how our brains handle think and action and that both are intertwined. He did some other experiment as well in which he found that Wii users had a “bias toward truth” which means that they had a natural tendency to think that whatever they were presented was the truth. The participants would use the Wiimote to decide whether a statement was true or false and it was found that each person wanted to believe that the statement was true even if it was false. Well, we will need time to understand these things but it’s good to know the console has now penetrated the medical field also.


 We have gone through the first three episodes of  Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People (otherwise known as SBCG4AP) and have enjoyed it thoroughly and its time to get new refreshments. SBCG4AP’s Episode 4, Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective is hitting the WiiWare on November 17th.

 The earlier three episodes were real fun Strong Badia the Free which is a great adventure game, has tons of fan service for those that love Strong Bad and Co. and is a breeze to play. Still, many of us were looking forward to the new release of the fourth episode and its worth it as we are so demanding also!


When Beatle-specific game was announced, the news giant Reuters clarified that it had no similarity with the Rock Band games of Harmonix. The game was being worked upon for last 17 months giving enough time to work on all aspects and versions. It’s not iteration in the Rock Band Series but a standalone title being developed in co-operation with MTV and Apple Corps.

However it is dicey that if Harmonix could release the game on Wii as it was earlier hesitant about porting its game on Wii and failed to anticipate just how popular this Wii thing is going to be. Talking about this music game, Teasedale, lead designer of Rock Band 2 and Harmonix PR Drake, stated that it would be an interactive music game with a whole new experience giving out the Beatles experience and legacy not only to their fans but to the whole generation.


Even though there was an economic financial crisis Nintendo had an overall profit of 36%, due to the great sales numbers of DS and Wii. This didn’t let them to cut down the prices as it was not accepted by Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata.

Iwata humorously believed that cutting down prices was like telling the customers to wait and save cash for other purpose which was a mistake. However, he never was that money-minded. According to him he didn’t wanted his early customers to feel that they have bought any Nintendo’s product paying more and were at a loss.


Guitar Hero announced a World Tour on November 13, 2008. Little Wing and a live version of Fire will also be achieved in 200 Nintendo points each. On November 20, they are also bringing tracks from Jack White’s other band which includes Salute Your Solution, Hold Up and Consoler of the Lonely. These all are available in just 200 points each.

Lot of Wii owners have been curiously waiting for Guitar Hero: The World as the title has Wii in it.  According the UBS Analyst Ben Schater the full bundle kit will be sold on the Wii and Xbox 360 .UBS has also checked the 20 retail chains with Best Buy, Wal- Mart and Game Stop.


If gamers want to see ghosts, Nintendo is offering latest version of Halloween. It is plenty of fearful options and a new terror is on the shelves of stores. It can be alien or a monster that arouses fear in the heart. Electronic Arts has launched a new place in horror story with a dead space in Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Halloween took thousands of trial and error ways to find the gamers. The goal was to raise terrible feelings while playing. The game adjusts to how the team plays as well as the pictorial affect with the fearful storyline trembles the gamers.


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