Not a bad sales day for Amazon. I'm quite amazed how popular Amazon has been for selling goods.  I mean honestly wouldn't you be amazed with this fact, that the Wii in stock consoles sold about 17 consoles per second.

It's more than just consoles, they are selling mad this season. It's really not that much, but I'm still pretty amazed. Damn Amazon, don't you wish you were the founder, or co-founder of amazon. I wish I was.


It turns out that the Wii only just surpassed the Xbox 360. This is quite impressive as the Xbox 360 has been out for over a year longer. The craze for the Nintendo Wii is much bigger in the UK, but I'm not sure why that is.

Is it because Nintendo is sending less Wiis over there or the Brits just love the Wii that much. I believe it has to be the former because they like the US market much more it seems from past Nintendo decisions.

Anyway, news is that 100,000 Wiis were sold just last week and it only has dented demand, so maybe people in the UK love Wii that much.


It turns out GameStop is offering the Nintendo Wii as a rain check, but there is actually no way you'll get one before Christmas. The catch is that you can only get one of the 21st. The problem is that this is no different than having a bunch of Nintendo Wiis in stock. People are going to snatch them up just as fast.

The only difference is that the raincheck forces to wait a little while to get yours. Maybe this is a good way for a parent to give a gift to their child rather than a Christmas card saying they couldn't find a Wii in stock for them. I doubt it though.

We'll see how GameStop works this out, but I'm pretty sure it will end up being a mess.


Just kidding... well you never know about Wii in stock situation. There is a new research forecast about video game consoles. The graph basically shows Nintendo Wii continue a pretty intense rate of units purchased throughout 2008 and 2009 and the rate slowly decreases over time. This means that there would be over 70 million Wiis in people's households around the world.

The Wii forecast may actually hold true because of the current situation where no one can find the Wii in stock. It has really hit home with the masses and they keep buying it like hotcakes. Don't be surprised if you can't find any Wii in stock well into 2008.

The shocker is that they show PS3  almost beating Wii in 2011. This means PS3 sales have to seriously pick up fast. If the analysts are right (unlikely), we should be seeing PS3 hysteria for the next few years.

The XBOX 360 is in an awfully lonely position at #3, but by that time, Microsoft should be rolling out with XBOX 720 or 1080 or whatever number they choose.

The problem with analysts are that they are usually wrong so what's the point? All we do know is that you can't find the Wii in stock and everyone from your grandpa to your mom next door wants one. That's pretty impressive. Now lets hope the Nintendo Wii in stock comes back to normal levels next year.


The big release of the Nintendo Wii Fit has caused a huge lines in Japan while Americans and the British are still waiting for the Wii in stock. The Wii Fit was recently released in Japan with huge amount of anticipation. More than 300,000 people preordered the game in Japan, which is an incredible number. People are currently waiting in major lines for a slim hope of getting the Wii Fit. The Japanese may find the Wii in stock right, but I have a feeling that the Wii Fit will change that.

The Wii Fit is quite an addition to the console that is known to give you a work out. Nintendo Wii is very known for the demonstration of sports games like Tennis and Golf where players mimic the real motions that real life players would make. For some people, this turns out to be quite a workout. The Wii Fit adds another element in addition to just your upper body.

The Wii Fit is a balancing board that works your legs in a big way. The draw is that the games that work with the Wii Fit will draw your mind away from the work out itself. By focusing on the game, you will almost unknowingly have a great workout. Just imagine practicing your ski jump in your own home while having your thighs burn  a day later.

All we really know is that Japan will not have many Wii Fit in stock nor will they soon have any Wii in stock. Americans will need to be quick and preorder the Wii Fit if they want it or they'll face the same problems with finding the Wii in stock.


Many fans of the Nintendo Wii will also want to pick up the Nintendo Wii Zapper. It is basically a device that allows you to connect your Wii remote and Wii nunchuk so that combination makes it look like you have a small machine gun. I know it doesn't seem family friendly, but they have designed it in a way that it looks quite tame.

Many people do not like the tame looks but I'm sure it was to avoid bad publicity by the mass media who already had their fun with Manhunt 2. Regardless, the Nintendo Wii Zapper happens to be in short supply due to the sheer popularity of first person shooter games. The Nintendo Wii is known for its friendly games so its quite shocking to see the Wii Zapper sell so well.


This really has been a revolutionary year for Nintendo Wii (no pun intended), and this has caused any Wii in stock to be non-existant. To put things in perspective, the Nintendo Wii in stock levels has been pretty much zero throughout the entire year since it was initially lost. That's just plain impressive.

The only problem now is that many people who are stilling looking to buy one are in a difficult position and it's getting worse everyday. Last week, the prices on eBay were about $300-350 depending, which wasn't really too bad since the retail price was $250+tax. Now the Nintendo Wii console has been selling upwards of $500 for the basic bundle. That's amazing.

The positive in all this is that there are still ways to find the Wii in stock, but it's getting harder. Stock is slowly dwindling on eBay and demand is rising which means higher prices the longer you wait. Be sure to find a Wii in stock and buy soon before the prices rise even higher. Good luck!


While you're still looking for the Nintendo Wii in stock, we should still take time to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the Nintendo Wii. I remember when it was first announced as the Nintendo Revolution and everyone seemed to like the console but were disappointed with the power of the console.

Then they changed the name to Nintendo Wii and there were shots heard around the world. People lashed out about name saying things like it was the worst thing ever to happen in gaming while others thought it was cute. Either way, it was a very bold move by Nintendo and it has seemed to have payed off big time.

We'll just see how the future goes, but right now, Nintendo has made all the right moves and it is coming back to another golden year or years. Here's to your success and happy anniversary!

If only there were more around...


As man of you know, the Nintendo Wii comes with internet capabilities but you need a wireless router. Nintendo had also released a USB wireless device for your comptuer that will connect to your Nintendo Wii, but it didn't sell very well.

The USB device is now discontinued on Nintendo's website. The best bet is to make sure you have a wireless router for your internet connection or you buy a LAN adapter for your Nintendo WIi to plug it directly into it. The internet features for the WIi are great and should not be missed.

Any wireless router should work. Just don't be caught empty handed before Christmas!


Your Nintendo Wii may be able to play DVDs in the future. They told us that it will come to us this year, but it looks like they have dropped their promise. However, they said they have good reason for it.

They want to focus on meeting the demand these holidays so making a change to the manufacturing process is not in everyone's interest. Another reason is that the royalties included in making the Wii DVD compatible are still expensive.

However, they say next year! We'll see.


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