Amazon Wii Stock in less than 1 Hour

Just wanted to give you guys a quick reminder that Amazon will have the WIi in stock TODAY at 10 AM Pacific (Noon Central, 1 PM Eastern) at the Amazon Video Games section. They claim to have quite a large shipment available, but they will sell out quick because most of the internet are starting to hear about it. These Wii consoles are already going for $330+ on eBay, so I'd imagine there will be many eBay scalpers as well.

Here's the info in a more structure way:

Large Shipment of Nintendo Wii Available for Sale at Amazon

Location: Amazon Video Games section

Date: TODAY!

Time: 10 AM Pacific (Noon Central, 1 PM Eastern) - That's in 1 hour or less!

Price: Retail $249 with free shipping and no tax for many states

Advice: Be there with a sharp index finger to snap it up before everyone else does.

Good luck! We'll see how many people get in on this. Be there or be stuck paying way too much for your Nintendo Wii this holidays.