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Welcome to Wii In Stock, the best place to find the Nintendo Wii for Sale. We created this site to help you find the Nintendo Wii this holiday season. It's already known that there will not be enough Nintendo Wii in stock this holiday season. If you'd like to know check out the articles below.


Fortunately, there are still places where you can get your hands on one this holiday season. eBay and Amazon are the only two places where you can have a good chance of finding one. There's a great website that makes it much easier to find the Nintendo Wii in stock at these major sites. It's called Buy Wii.


To know more about finding the Nintendo Wii in Stock, check out our articles below. It's better to be safe than sorry this holiday season. You don't want to leave anyone high and dry. Good luck from the team at Wii in Stock.


Wii in Stock - Buyer's Guide

Buying things online is a great experience as long as you know some of the basics especially if you're one of the herd looking for a Wii in stock. If you're a pro, you can click right through to the links and get started. Here's a list of great tips to make your shopping experience much easier.


An important thing to understand when trying to find a Wii in stock is the current situation. As you already know, the Nintendo Wii is incredibly popular and Nintendo has not been able to produce enough to stock the shelves of many brick and mortar and online stores. This means you'll be wasting a lot of time waiting for stores to stock them and then find that the few shipments they did get were snapped up by people who have nothing better to do than wait for one.


Most of you do not have the luxury to devote so much time to finding the Wii in stock and also time is money. So what it all really boils down to is that you'll need to find a place where there are individual sellers or what they call 3rd party sellers. There are pretty much three places to find these sellers.


1. eBay

eBay is a very well known place and is a great place to find plenty of Wii in stock. If you don't know, they are basically an online auction house. People place any item up for bid and then people bid for them. eBay then arranges for the seller and buyer to exchange the good for money. It's as simple as that. I highly recommend you signup and place a bid. It's quite a amazing place to shop especially if you're interested in rare items.


eBay currently has the best prices for the Nintendo Wii. This should be the first place to look when looking for a Wii in stock. You're also protected as they offer a great online protection program to protect from fraudulent activity.


2. Amazon

Amazon is the most popular online store on the internet and is a great resource for finding a Wii in stock. This is not because they magically have plenty of Nintendo Wii in stock, but they have a marketplace where others can post up their Nintendo Wii for others to buy. However, you could get lucky and snatch a Nintendo Wii at retail prices right as they get some stock.


Amazon also offers protection for buyers so you'll be able to buy at ease. The Wii in stock at Amazon are usually on par or slightly higher than eBay in terms of price. However, it may be faster and less of a hassle to find one here. Also, shipping prices at standardized on all Wii in stock at the marketplace.


3. Buy Wii

This website came out of frustration trying to find a Wii in stock even at eBay and Amazon. The problem is that these large sites cater to all products, which can make searching for a specific product a little harder. The guys at Buy Wii created an amazing website that makes so easy to find the Nintendo Wii on eBay and Amazon.


You HAVE to check it out to see for yourself!


4. Craigslist

Craigslist allows you for to find the Wii in stock close to you from private people. This means individuals in your city will post up their Nintendo Wii for a certain price and you can elect to buy from them. It's quite a simple process. If eBay and Amazon are not for you, then definitely try this. Just be careful about who you're dealing with because there is no buyer's protection unlike Amazon and Craigslist.


If you're looking for the quick fix to finding a Wii in stock, just go with eBay and find an auction with the Buy It Now feature enabled or head over to Amazon. This will be the most quick and painless. If you're willing to invest more time, check out Craigslist. Just remember that it will only get harder and more expensive to find that Wii in stock the closer it gets to Christmas shopping because prices are already increasing.


Wii in Stock Safe Buying

If you're planning to buy online, it is better you know the basics so the Wii in stock you find will come with no problem. With places like Amazon and eBay, you'll be buying from a third party, which could be a business or an individual. Most of these parties will be trustworthy, but it is always wise to know how to spot scam artists who lie about their Nintendo Wii in stock.


On ebay, the Wii in stock will be best judged by their feedback. This is a number next to their eBay username. If you click on it, you'll find all the previous items this person has sold. Something to look for is if they have sold a Wii in stock in the past and if the buyer left a positive feedback. Although quantity of positive feedback is good, it can be smart to buy from a person with little feedback but make sure he has 100 percent positive feedback. eBay will also protect the Wii in stock with a buyer's protection, so you're in safe hands.


Other places like Amazon work the same way in terms of eBay's Wii in stock. Each reseller has a rating from past purchases. Wii in stock at craigslist is a bit different. You are wise to visit the seller's house or meet somehwere to see the product to make sure their Wii in stock is of high quality. If it's not, you can always leave. I hope you have a great experience buying a Wii in stock.


Wii in Stock Blog Updates

Wii Surpasses Xbox 360 in Britain - The Wii in stock levels in the UK has been dismal as the demand is skyrocketing. It was normal to see people paying over $650 for a console which is much higher than the US prices. It turns out that the Wii has just passed up the Xbox 360 in total sales despite even low Wii in stock. This means the Brits are really loving the Nintendo Wii because even just last week 100K Wiis were sold almost instantly. I wouldn't want to be in the UK if I was looking for a Wii in stock.


Rain Check Program at GameStop - Nintendo is teaming up with GameStop to try something new to tame the Wii in stock shortages. They are handing out Nintendo Wii rain checks for people on the 21st so they are assured a Nintendo Wii after Christmas. This deal doesn't sound very much different than a marketing attempt to get customers in the door before Christmas so people spend more money. Wii in stock levels won't be affected either.


Wii in Stock - Nintendo Will Not Meet Demand for Holidays

Reggie Fils-Aime is the president of Nintendo and he announced that Nintendo will be unable to keep the Nintendo Wii in stock this holiday season. This is unfortunate for many shoppers this holiday season as they will have to resort to buying one online, which really isn't that bad. However, you'll be a paying at least $50 more than if you'd found a Wii in stock at a store.


Many Wii fans are up in arms because of this for good reasons. A lot of them don't believe it is the reason they claim. Reggie is saying that its a production issue. They didn't plan on the demand being as high as it was despite even planning for a high demand season.


The main thing is that there are plenty of people willing to give up their Nintendo Wii up, so there should be enough for everyone who really wants to give one as a gift to their children or keep one for themselves. You might have to just spend just a little more time and money to find a Wii in stock though.


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